Houston, TX

Band Bios

Get to know each member of PuraPharm, and learn about the instruments and technology we use to create our signature sound. Just click on the "Gear List" link under each member. To get in touch with the band, go to our Contact page; if you have questions for any individual member, you can find links to their social network pages listed below their bio!

Tessa Kole

Lead Vox / Guitar / Loops & Arrangements

Tessa was born into a musically inclined family. Her father, Ed Kole, was a band director, and her mother was a pianist. Tessa had almost 7 years of classical and professional voice training; studying with Houston voice coach Debbie Beinhorn from 8th grade to tenth grade.

Tessa takes her influence from Siouxsie and the Banshees, Spiritualized, Spacemen 3, My Bloody Valentine, Curve, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and PJ Harvey. Tessa has played with PuraPharm, 61 Cygni, and Brēth.

Niki Sims

Saxophone / Clarinet

Niki is classically trained, with extensive Jazz, and improve experience. Growing up she had many influential musicians surrounding her. Her father, Craig Sims, is a vocalist, and bass player. Her Grandmother, Arden Newey, is a classical trained pianist, and her great Uncle, Don Newey, even composed songs for Horace Silver in the 1960s. She grew up in the small town of Oswego, IL where she studied under Margene Pappas. Her hometown is known for hosting the season premier for DCI (Drum Corps International). In 2001 she moved to Texas Finishing High school at The Woodlands. Early on she knew her destiny was to play music for people.

Niki’s influences are not those of the typical horn player. Although she gathers influences from every type of music some of her main influences are Louis Armstrong, Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), and Counting Crows. She has played, and competed with a Clarinet Choir, Symphonic Band, Chamber Orchestra, Marching band, Jazz band, etc. She attended countless BOA, State, UIL, & IMEA competitions always ranking 1s. Her senior year in HS she attended BOA Grand Nationals with The Woodlands HS, placing in the top 10. This was her first opportunity to play in front of over 30,000 people. More recently she won the Houston Press award in 2012 for Best Other Instrument.

Paul Adams

Bass / Loops / Mixes / Beats

Paul has played in PuraPharm, Violence of the Sun, 61 Cygni, Brēth, Smile. Paul started playing on a Sears acoustic guitar after seeing Ratt's Round and Round video in 1984. He begged his parents for a real bass. He finally was rewarded with a Silver/grey Olympic bass, and a Gorilla amp when he joined the Church folk choir two years later. Paul knew bass was his passion. Not long after finding his passion Paul saved his own money to get his dream guitar, a '78 Fender P Bass.

Since then he has purchased all sorts of new toys, but he still plays that '78 P Bass to this day! Paul’s main musical influences are Paul McCartney, Cliff Burton (Metallica), Steven Kilby (The Church), Sean Cook (Spiritualized), Stanley Clarke.

Davis Jumper


Davis grew up in the woods of rural East Texas where he would sometimes get late night rebel radio waves from the city. He picked up the guitar after seeing Jimi Plays Monterey via satellite, and soon became absorbed in the instrument. He studied classical guitar and music theory in college before dropping out to be a songwriter. Davis keeps himself immersed in the Houston music scene by playing in 3 bands at a time. Davis joined Purapharm late 2012. He also plays in a Progressive Metal band called Saxon King, and is a founding and current member of Skyblue72; whom has achieved regional success in Texas and the north-eastern United States.

He enjoys yoga and frozen yogurt.

John Polinski


John began playing music at the age of 13, starting with guitar, then on to piano/keyboards. A couple years later, he picked up a set of drum sticks. Being technically inclined, he quickly developed a deep interest in recording and production early on, which has always been his strongest skill-set and most sincere interest when it comes to making music. Drums, however, were always the instrument he found most enjoyable to play, and the skill that came to him most naturally.

His influences come from across the musical spectrum, from underground hip hop to heavy metal to industrial and electronic music. He has been a close friend and supporter of PuraPharm since the band was started in 2007, and finally recruited as drummer in October 2013.